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cropped-cropped-45new1.jpgIf you’re more Cheap Trick than Chicago and like the Jingle Jangle of the Byrd’s and The Plimsouls chances are you are in the right spot.

The Doctor is writing this from the comfort of his deck chair in Brisbane Australia. I’ve got no plans (this week) of world domination or any commercial agenda, in fact I’m writing this for myself and if some punters enjoy the ride, that’s great also.

I suspect if your still reading this, you might be a kindred spirit. You know how it goes, you are the kid from the suburbs with Redd Kross , Husker Du or the Damned  scrawled on their pencil-case . Music flows through your veins, it’s not simply background music. It makes the hairs on your neck stand up. You remember the first time it spoke to you calling you and pulling you into with its invisible force. Was it Neil Young and Crazy Horse or Johnny Rotten and the pistols, or Dee Dee and the Brothers Beating on the Brat ? Perhaps if you’re in my part of the world it was The Saints, Radio Birdman or the Church chiming through the open bars of The Unguarded Moment?

In any event once it finds you, it’s a partnership for life. Hence this blog is really just about a guy from the suburbs (now a Dad, Husband, Salad dodger) writing about the music he loved as a teenager and for the most part still loves now.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to send me articles so we can share your story as well.


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