For those who rocked we salute you!

For those who rocked we salute you!Before we plug-in and start to play in 2018, let’s tilt the hat and acknowledge some of the great artist’s who left us during the year.

Malcolm Young; (Aged 64) The co-founder, mastermind and rhythm guitar great behind the AC/DC story sadly left us during the year, after succumbing to a diagnosis of dementia and it’s effect. Malcolm’s legacy will long be remembered and live on through the generations of budding guitarists emulating his riffs as a right of passage when learning the guitar.

Tom Petty; (Aged 66) Sometimes the universe throws up a strange hand, it just didn’t seem like Tom’s time alas all we can do is remember the man’s greatness and the legacy he left.

A true american story-teller (greatest hits) Petty spoke to the everyman, whether it be via a four on the floor rocker or a melancholy lament, you belong among the wild flowers Tom, go easy.

Grant Hart;(Aged 56)  Grant Hart will be remembered by many (including the author) as leaving an indelible impression on the teenage psyche thanks to Husker Du , the band he formed in Minnesota in 1979 with Bob Mould and Greg Norton. Hart was a formidable drummer who would pound the kit with in an inch of its life whilst being able to simultaneously delivery beautiful and intense vocals. Whilst Mould wrote the majority of the band’s material Hart’s songwriting efforts were formidable from the early spine chilling “Dianne” to “Sorry Somehow” and “Don’t want to know if you are lonely” from 1986 major label offering ‘Candy Apple Grey” LP. After Husker Du Grant switched to guitar and vocals and toured extensively playing a mix of his solo and Husker Du catalogue, you left this world a better place Grant.

Simon Holmes; (Aged 54) Any Aussie indie music fan who recalls the days of sticky carpets, the lack of craft beer and cigarette smoke indoors will no doubt remember the greatness of Simon Holmes and his band the Hummingbirds. The band’s 1984 debut single “Alimony” penned by Holmes, remains an Aussie indie classic, a beautiful swirling pop gem lamenting the break up of a relationship complete with flanger pedal up high in the mix and harmony vocals courtesy of band mate Alannah Russack, the original recording holds up as a snapshot of a fondly remembered time in the oz music scene. Holmes and band mates manged to take the Hummingbird’s to a greater audience with a major label (ok mini-major) deal to launch their debut album “Love Buzz” which spawned a top 20 hit with the single “Blush” the album reached a respectable position of 31 on the ARIA album charts. The Humminbirds called in a day in 1993. Holmes remained in the music industry both as a producer (Custard, Things of Stone & Wood) and as a performer with his band ” Her Name in Lights.” Thank you Simon.

Chris Cornell; (Aged 52) A big voice and a heart to match. Rccketing to fame with Soungarden one of the key band’s that spearheaded the 1990’s rock movement Cornell went onto continued success with AudioSlave and later as a solo artist. A sad loss for Rock n Roll, long may you outshine Chris Cornell.

Pat DiNizio; (Aged 62) Founding member of New – Jersey based rock band the Smithereens, who were known to play tough whilst having an ear for pop sensitivity they wore their hearts on the sleeves with a good dose of the Birds, The Beatles and Cheap Trick all contributing to their signature sound. Formed in 1980 the band found commercial success with the albums Especially For You and Green Thoughts. The hit singels “Blood & Roses”& “Behind the Wall of Sleep” have ecame rock radio mainstays.  Whilst large-scale commercial success would not follow them later in the career, these guys did it for the love of the music and their loyal fan base. Di Nizio is remembered fondly by band mates, fans and all that came across his path. Find Peace behind the wall of sleep Pat.

Tommy Keene; (Aged 59) Often mentioned under the reference of power pop heavyweight. Tommy Keene was an accomplished singer, songwriter and guitarist he grew up in the state of Maryland and attended the same high school as Nils Lofgren (Keene played drums in one of Lofgren’s early bands). He came to attention of music fans with his 1984 EP ‘Places that are Gone” which received high rotation on college radio and became a hit with critics, being awarded a four start review with Rolling Stone at the time. He continued to record and tour working with the likes of Paul Westerberg, Don Dixon and the Goo Goo Dolls. He leaves behind an impressive body of work that is well worth researching if you haven’t already.


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